• This is a lovely recipe for vegans and non-vegans alike. Rich in healthy protein and bone-building minerals, this mushroom soup offers protection against cardiovascular disease, strengthens immune function, and helps reduce inflammation throughout the body - simply do a search through the online archives at the National Library of Medicine and you`ll confirm these and other health benefits from regular consumption of button and cremini (sometimes spelled crimini) mushrooms.

    Dairy-Free Creamy Mushroom Soup
  • If you`re doing your body good by avoiding pasteurized dairy products but you miss eating cheesecake, you`ll want to give this delicious dairy-free, all-raw, blueberry cheesecake recipe a try. The "cheese" in this cheesecake is made with raw, organic cashews, and the crust is made with a combination of macadamia nuts, dates, and dried coconut. This cheesecake requires some work, but it`s definitely worth the effort!

    Dairy-Free Blueberry Cheesecake
  • When you`re craving potato chips but looking to keep your intake of acrylamide and empty calories to a minimum, see if you can satisfy your need for salty and crispy with kale chips. That`s right - chips made with nutrient-dense kale.

    Healthy Alternative To Potato Chips
  • We had it easy with our firstborn - he was eating handfuls of lightly braised Shanghai bok choy before he turned 2. So it furrowed our brows some to discover that vegetables were not our second son`s thing. We started blending our green food powder in with his smoothies from the time he could sip from a straw, but we were still eager to see him eating substantial portions of freshly cooked green vegetables.

    How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables
  • Just a brief look in photos at how I make my favorite post-workout smoothie, rich in flavor and healthy protein. All you need are frozen bananas, your favorite nut butter, and some almond milk or any other non-dairy milk. Plus a good blender, of course. Start with two frozen bananas. Its best if you use bananas that were frozen in pieces and when ripe. Use the equivalent of two medium size bananas for each large smoothie you wish to make.

    Healthy Post-Workout Smoothie

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