Mr J.Priyantha.D Peiris, an Engineer from the university of Katubedde has brought in a new concept to SriLanka to say that unless we manipulate our inner being or human endosomatic side,(Brain neuron cells & Chemicals) in turn related to Nutrition, nothing can be achieved by any 3rd world country. This concept has been accepted by the world renowned Sir Arthur C.Clarke and signed a written document in 1986 and in 1996.

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Mr. Priyantha Peiris is A Mechanical Engineer by profession. Thirty years ago, While pursuing his work as an implant trainee, at the Dept of Agriculture Mechanical workshops in Peradeniya, he observed that there is an anomaly in the work output of our Srilankans,and thought that it was Irrational, when compared with persons in the developed world. What he observed was that the out put within a given time, was far below ,than an average worker in any given society or in a developed country and was driven to find out the cause of this behavioral work out put. At this moment he did not know anything about Brain, or how the motor section functions according to what one eats or how the motor section gets activate according to one’s nutritional status. All he knew, at that time was that it was not proper to give such a low output in that manner. First he thought of various other reasons for this, such as hot climate or the workers and others were not trained properly or sick(unhealthy) and that would have been the reason for such behavioral activity.

Days, months and years passed by. But there was no proper conclusion or explanation for such activity. He was however able to change jobs from one to another, but was not satisfied, and found the private places were somewhat better, but not to his satisfaction. Many tried to explain this situation from only one side of human behavior, which I call the Side ‘B’ Factor(Environmental stimuli)with the conditions he was faced with. He noticed even the normal behavior was Irrational and that the whole society was acting in a manner that is not so conducive to a country or to another fellow citizen in the society. The top jobs were filled haphazardly irrespective of the ability or qualifications one has obtained. Even at this time he was not aware of the malfunctioning was due to wrong nutrients or how the nutrients were affecting such behavior.

In 1978 he resigned from his job and started to build his own tourist hotel, where he studied human behavior more than any other time, by comparing the behaviors of the Foreigners, with the locals. This time he noticed that there is a vast difference between the two. But for others, this kind of behavior was taken for granted as a normal thing in the 3rd world. Many called this kind of behavior lethargic and thought that one could be active, whenever wanted, which was not so. He knew that it was inbuilt and coming from inside the brain cells & chemicals called neurotransmitters.

To him it was a constant impulse to find out why this is happening so. At this stage he started writing to papers one by one and today he has over 143 articles published in the daily papers, and appeared 33 times on television and done 36 Radio programs. While doing this, he was corresponding with renowned intellectuals locally as well as internationally. A few such people were the famous book writer and Nutritionist Barbara Cartland, Professor Richard Wurtman(USA), who was first to publish the scientific theory of “how food affects behavior” in the Readers Digest and Science Digest. Well known nutritionist Professor Morley(UK) & the world famous Scientific Druid Sir Arther C. Clarke, who agreed with his concept & signed a document twice.( 1986 and 1996).

Then locally he was able to meet former presidents Ranasinghe Premasdasa, D.B Wijethunga, and received letters from Hon J.R Jayawardene, Sirima Bandaranayake and Dr Wijayananda Dhahanayake etc but no response from Chandrika Bandaranayake, after writing many letters.

When Mr Peiris was areceiving the signed document from Sir Arthur C. Clarke(1976 and 1996) any intelligent person would realize the danger of his ill reputation that would fall on Sir Arthur C. Clarke for agreeing & signing a document, until one reads his famous book “Profiles of Future” written by him some 20 odd years ago, with many reprints.

In the first two chapters of this book, “Failure of nerve” and “failure of Imagination(Lacking of some neuron cells) Sir Aurther C. Clarke brings in many stories about various scientific achievements and how the recognized and well to do people could not comprehend and disagreed when others brought in certain scientific concepts to the world. Especially here, he writes about the great American astronomer professor Simon Newcombe’s story about the Danger in professing about new concepts, such as flight of man in the field of aeronautics. When these highly recognized people comments on some scientific subject, these stories are written, rewritten and read by people in many developed countries such as Japan, America, Switzerland ,Germany etc etc.

“at the beginning of the 20th century, the scientists were almost unanimous in declaring that heavier- than- air flight was impossible, and that anyone who attempted to build air Planes was a fool.

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So by knowing very well about the hazard of prophesy, he has signed the document twice once in 1986 and again in 1996.

He has over 25 years of Research behind him with much reading, (And having the biggestComputerLibrary on Human Brain, Behavior & Nutrition. in SriLanka) & Travelled, to 24 countries, associated & corresponded with various Intellectual people, like Barbara Cartland (Nutritionist & Book writer)etc, around the world, which made him gather an immense knowledge in the subject.

4. The professors who have had agreed are no mere strangers, and to name a few, Professor Richard Wurtman(USA) Professor Morley(UK) & the world famous Scientific Druid Sir Arther C Clarke, who has agreed with his concept.

5. This led him to be the first person ever to write an article about Food, Productivity Development & Human Behavior in a Sri Lankan paper, Lanka Deepa (early mangmt).To his credit, there have been well over 143 articles in the daily papers of SriLanka and a few in overseas papers. One such case was front page(2 Pages) in Gulf News Tabloid, highlighting how TERRORISM CROPS UP FROM BAD NUTRITION. Adding to this were the latest radio and T.V Interviews(23 Programmes),and a clip in Rupavahini News, which stirred the interest of our countrymen towards this subject. ITN Last prog. was telecast over 10 times.

6. Among the people who took much interest were the former President of Sri Lanka Hon. R. Premadasa and the one time Prime Minister of SriLanka ,Dr.W.Dhahanayake, & Former President, Hon D.B Wijetunga, Who set-aside time of their busy schedule, in order to discuss this all-important subject. Dr W.Dhahanayake mentioned his name in the front page of Daily News fully agreeing with him, that most SriLankans are Malnourished.

7. Under the direction of former I.G.P. (Police),Mr Frank Silva, he conducted seminars and lectures to more than a thousand police personnel from time to time.There had been an enormous response from police personnel, as they are a category of our society, who could directly see the anomalies of the behavior of the people. Also he has conducted lectures at the Tourist Board welfare society, Schools, Housewife’s associations, Mother’s Unions, and at many International schools etc .etc..

8. He Received a Nutritional Researcher, Desha Premi(Lover of the Country) Award in 1998 from Sri Lanka Memorial Foundation-Sri Jayawardenepura.

He is the only person in Sri Lanka who brought forward a new concept, to say that “A country can Eradicate Terrorism, change it’s Living standard by manipulating the diet of its population.

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